Stinchcomb Methodist Church was one of the first churches in this section of the state of Georgia. On Dec. 30, 1794

Stinchcomb Methodist Church

George Washington was president when Stinchcomb Church was organized following Revolutionary War days. and Stinchcomb has survived every president and every war since! She is almost as old as Methodism itself. Stinchcomb is named for one of its founders. Absalom Stinchcomb. Her "Brush Arbor" days were active during John Wesley's experiences in Georgia. Then in 1794. inspired by hope and evidence of the birth of a new nation. and a desire to share in the spiritual growth of that nation. the people built a church! It was a log church with "slave quarters", and served three quarters of a century through another bitter war. on until 1876.


Through a combination of energy. dedication and faith. the present building was erected in 1876; a large one-room structure with hand planed high ceilings and huge hand hewn oak sills. Two front doors and special pew arrangements ensured separation of the sexes in worship. There were sly glances behind palmetto fans and secret messages but no "wedding bells" in Stinchcomb Church until the early 1950's. Oil lamps were kept filled and shiny bright by ladies of the church. and a "pot bellied" stove and cuspidors afforded comfort and convenience and were attended by the men. A large front porch was the parking shelter for the horseback ladies' saddles. A "bucket" of drinking water and dipper on a shelf was shared by the congregation. (That was B.G. --- Before Germs). Stinchcomb's record of 189 years of continuous service. even through early difficult times. is due to the faith and faithfulness of our forefathers and mothers. Their memory brings us pride in the past, inspiration for the present. and a challenge to the future.


Today, through continued cooperation and renovation, stinchcomb, in her 190th year, has become a lovely, comfortable, well-eared-for, freshly painted country church with front door. Sunday School rooms replace curtained corners. There is gas heat, air-conditioning, modern lighting, a large annex with electric kitchen and rest rooms, new pews and pulpit chairs, wall to wall carpeting, choir "loft" with organ and piano, a lighted picture of Sallman's Head of Christ, and a beautiful altar set, keeping us mindful of our Saviour's presence and sacrifice. And on the secretary's desk, a miniature replica of the church serves as a "birthday box", attractive to all ages. The yards are lighted and neatly kept, and a drilled well has its own ample house. The adjoining cemetery contains interesting "monuments" of various eras including two markers for Revolutionary officers. Stinchcomb has been blessed with fine ministers and their families, who have enriched the life of the church and community immeasurably. Many of our pastors as well as "preachers' kids" have advanced to wider fields of service and distinction, taking with them an abundance of love, appreciation, and good wishes!


Submitted by Una Haley Roberts

Stinchcomb Methodist Church

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